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The purpose of St. Luke’s Architecture, and Construction Department is to contribute to the mission and vision of the Health System.  We strive to provide the highest quality architecture and construction services, leasing and facility planning in the most ethical, safe and financially efficient manner.

Services provided include planning, design, programming, estimating, scheduling, public agency approval, architecture, construction document preparations, engineering, permitting, abatement, construction management, primary construction and-remodeling services, leasing, property acquisition, and post occupancy management services.

Our professional in-house team serves as a Construction Manager bidding and managing all St. Luke’s projects. Project sizes range from small office remodels to large new construction projects including full hospital facilities.

St. Luke’s Health System serves patients throughout southern Idaho, northern Nevada, and eastern Oregon. It is our department’s philosophy to reinvest St. Luke’s financial resources back into the local economies where we are fortunate to have the opportunity and responsibility to design and manage projects. We work primarily with local design professionals and sub contractors. When the local market does not have the talent or capacity to provide the services we need, we may choose to seek services from outside of our primary service region. We may use out of area firms to supplement local firms on large scale projects in order to bring their national or international health care experiences and production capabilities to the team.

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Safety and Construction News:

Boise Safety Fest - Save the Date: January 23rd-26th 2018
Current class list isposted online at
Registration will run November 15 - December 13, 2017.

What is Safety Fest? Safety Fest of the Great Northwestis a safety conferenceheld at multiple locations around the state: Lewiston, Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls and Pocatello.

How long has this been going on? 2018 will be Safety Fest's 13th year!

Who is invited? Anyone and everyone.All classes are open to the public to attend.

How much does it cost? Safety Fest courses are all FREE

Check out the Boise Safety Fest website to explore the free training available and register yourself for classes.

National Safety Stand-Down    May 8th - 12th 2017

St. Luke’s Construction – Safety Stand-Down Events


In recognition of Nation Safety Stand-Down week, training sessions took place at St. Luke’s Construction project sites.  In conjunction with Edge Construction Supply, free Fall Protection classes were offered to employees and contractors.  Participants received a training certification, free lunch, and t-shirts for answering questions.


St. Luke’s Nampa Project site   May 10, 2017

Participants were given instruction and demonstrations on Fall Protection & Prevention under the steel structure of the Nampa MOB (Medical Office Building).

The Nampa event provided training, certificates, and lunch to:

  • 98 construction workers
  • 5 different companies
  • 3 St. Luke’s employees

St. Luke’s Boise campus    May 13, 2017

St. Luke’s Construction held a second Fall Protection class in Boise at the Little Luke’s Project site.

This class provided training, certificates, and lunch to:

  • 17 workers  
  • 4 companies
  • 5 St. Luke’s employees


St. Luke’s Scrap Metal Turns to Gold for Idaho Health Sciences Students

Go here, Scrap metal to scholarships story to read about St. Luke's Architecture & Construction - recycling efforts and results.  Recycling picture


OSHA Publications and Educational Materials

Follow this link, OSHA Mobile-Friendly e-Books to discover free, Construction Safety related publications, available to download or print. Topics include fall protection and ladder safety.  Allso look for posters and wallet cards to use as training aids.  


New OSHA Confined Spaces in Construction Rule

OSHA issues a final rule to increase protection for construction workers in confined space, similar to General Industry standards, but include requirements for continuously monitoring hazards and sharing vital safety information among multiple employers.    Confined Space: Spaces not designed for continuous occupancy with limited or restricted means for entry or exit.  Permit-required confined space: Spaces that contain or potentially contain- hazardous atmosphere, materials that could engulf, walls that converge inward or floors that taper which could trap or asphyxiate, or other recognized safety or health hazards such as unguarded machinery, exposed live wires, or heat stress.  Learn more about Confined Spaces in Construction by clicking any of the news links.


OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting Changes

Starting Jan. 1, 2015 OSHA rules for reporting fatalities and severe injuries will change.  The list of severe injuries that employers must report to OSHA will expand to include more items.  Click the link to find more Recordkeeping Updates.


Updated Hazard Communication Standard

OSHA has revised the Hazard Communication Standard.   It’s now aligned with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.   To help workers better understand chemical hazards on the jobsite there are two significant changes that involve labels and data sheets.    A standardized format will be used for labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS were formerly called Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS).   The revised standard will be phased in from December 1, 2013 to June 1, 2016.  By December 1, 2013 employers must train workers on the New Labels and SDS format.  Click the link to find more Hazard Communication Information on the OSHA website.      


OSHA begins new Fall Prevention Campaign in 2012

OSHA has begun a campaign to raise awareness and help prevent deadly falls in construction.  The campaign will provide employers and workers with life-saving information and educational materials about working safely from ladders, scaffolds and elevated platforms.  In 2010, more than 10,000 construction workers were injured as a result of falling while working from heights, and there were 264 fall fatalities.   Companies can help prevent falls by 3 simple steps...Plan.Provide.Train.    OSHA has launched a new website dedicated to Fall Prevention and you can access it Here to learn more about these steps and find other useful training tools.  

Construction Material Recycling

Explore recycling options for construction related materials.  Click below to go to the John William Jackson Fund website:

Recycle dumpster

St. Luke's Construction received Recycling Award for donating construction metals to the John William Jackson Fund.  St. Luke's Const. gained Platinum Level status with the 2011 iYERP Environmental Stewardship Award and was given the "Little CAT" Award for a second place finish with the recycled construction metals yielding $17,421.  If you are interested in learning more about the fund or how you can participate in this recycle program, click 


Fall Protection rules have changed:  Residential Contractors are now required to follow Commercial Construction Fall Protection Rules. 

In fiscal year 2010 OSHA assessed the highest penalties for fall protection standard violations in construction. Click Fall Protection for an extensive guide to this OSHA standard.

Ladders strapped to building.


New Crane Rules are in effect as of Nov. 8, 2010.  Use the following link to access the OSHA website and view everything you need to know about the Crane and Derricks Construction Standard. 

OSHA's New Crane Rules

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